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Bastion Health Launches Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign

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Bastion, a reputable healthcare organization renowned for its dedication to enhancing the affordability and accessibility of quality healthcare through technological advancements, has launched a new communications campaign titled ‘The HMO that puts you in control.’ The campaign, which was deployed across TV, Radio, OOH & Digital channels showcase how Bastion Health utilizes technology to revolutionize the health insurance landscape in Nigeria, addressing the key pain points faced by health insurance customers.

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The centrepiece of this campaign is a 60s advert campaign material that demonstrates how a Bastion HMO plan empowers individuals to take charge of their healthcare journey. It highlights various features such as booking hospital appointments to avoid long queues, generating pre-authorization codes to bypass HMO queues, scheduling drug deliveries or pickups from nearby pharmacies, teleconsultations, mental health support, and more. Through this advert campaign, Bastion effectively portrays how its health plan transforms the traditional health insurance experience in Nigeria. 

While health insurance has been gaining popularity in Nigeria over the years, there remains significant room for improvement in the sector due to the country’s status as a developing nation. Bastion Health has diligently worked to enhance these areas by leveraging technology, and this campaign serves as a testament to their commitment. 

The campaign was inspired by Bastion’s desire to communicate their underlying mission: providing affordable, accessible, convenient, transparent, and holistic healthcare to all individuals. It aims to highlight some of the benefits of a Bastion Health plan, with a strong emphasis on the pivotal role played by technology in fulfilling their promise. 

Naomi Aduku, the Managing Director of Bastion Health, expressed that the campaign was designed to emphasize the importance of having a health insurance partner that seamlessly facilitates access to patient-centric care. Additionally, she acknowledged that low insurance penetration in Nigeria can be attributed, in part, to negative perceptions surrounding health insurance, as customers often express dissatisfaction with the quality of care offered through insurance compared to out-of-pocket payments. Naomi emphasized Bastion Health’s commitment to addressing these concerns by investing in technology to eliminate bottlenecks, thereby granting customers greater control. Through the Bastion Health app, customers can generate pre-authorization codes for immediate doctor consultations, schedule appointments, consult with doctors online, access therapy services, locate nearby hospitals, and much more. 

In conclusion, Naomi reiterated Bastion Health’s unwavering commitment not only to providing health coverage for their customers but also to ensuring that they have access to transformative care that positively impacts their lives and the lives of their families.

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