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Celebrating International Cultural Day the Afyan Way


“Culture is the foundation upon which all success is built.” ― Tony Hsieh

Inspired by this guiding philosophy, AfyA Care and its operating companies (Opcos) celebrated International Cultural Day with vibrant enthusiasm and pride. Each entity represented their cultures with grace, turning the event into a true reflection of our commitment to diversity and unity, and showcasing the rich traditions that make up our dynamic team.

Our celebration was nothing short of spectacular! The day kicked off with lively photo sessions and a captivating catwalk where participants showcased their traditional attire and shared the significance behind each one. We then enjoyed a delightful feast, with employees serving dishes from their respective regions, tantalizing our taste buds with diverse flavors. The day concluded with an energetic after-party featuring timeless music in different languages, creating a joyous atmosphere filled with perfect poses, laughter, and a deep sense of pride in our diverse backgrounds.

Events like these remind us of the strength and unity that our diversity brings to our workplace, making it a dynamic and inclusive environment.

As we reflect on this year’s celebration, we are already excited for next year’s edition. Thank you to everyone who made this event truly special. Let’s look forward to many more events that celebrate our shared heritage and unity.

Photos Below:


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charles onuoha

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