AfyA Care

Africa Healthcare Facts

Out of pocket expenditure
1 %
Funding gap
$ 1 bn
1 %

Percentage of World
population in SSA

1 %

Percentage of global disease burden

Our Vision

To transform healthcare in Africa

Our Mission

Making good healthcare accessible and affordable

Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies

R-Jolad - Hospital Company

R-Jolad Hospital operates with a mission of making good healthcare accessible and affordable

Erom - Diagnostic Firm

Erom Diagnostics operates with a vision to transform healthcare in Africa.

Oakwood - Hospital Company

(Coming Soon)

Bastion – Health Insurance Firm

Bastion is a licensed HMO with a mission to make good healthcare, accessible and affordable.

Octosoft – Health Tech Firm

Octosoft is an innovation health-tech start-up leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform health care experiences.

Journey So Far

Annual Hospital Visit
1 K+
Consultant Clinics
1 +
Insured Individuals
1 K+
Partner Hospitals
1 +
Staff Strength
(Incl 230+ Medical staff)
1 +

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