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Bastion Health Sponsors “KASHIMAWO” Theatre Production, Upholding Commitment to Community Enrichment


Bastion Health proudly sponsored the acclaimed theatre production “KASHIMAWO,” an initiative by the Duke of Shomolu Foundation. The play, which vividly portrays the remarkable life and legacy of Chief MKO Abiola, offered audiences an engaging and educational experience during the Easter holiday, highlighting a pivotal figure in Nigeria’s history.

This sponsorship underscores Bastion Health’s unwavering commitment to supporting initiatives that celebrate diversity, foster social awareness, and contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community. By partnering with “KASHIMAWO,” Bastion Health aims to provide a meaningful platform for audience engagement while enhancing its brand presence.

Beyond mere sponsorship, Bastion Health views this collaboration as an opportunity to connect with the community on a deeper level. It underscores the company’s dedication to promoting cultural appreciation and social consciousness. Through initiatives like “KASHIMAWO,” Bastion Health continues to demonstrate its proactive role in shaping a more vibrant and inclusive society.

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