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Expanding Access to Healthcare: R-Jolad Express Clinic Launches New Spoke Locations

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The essence of healthcare lies not only in its provision but also in its accessibility. Recognizing this fundamental principle, R-Jolad Express Clinic is proud to announce the opening of two new spoke locations, strategically positioned to serve the communities of Ikeja (Jara Mall & Computer Village) and Pen Cinema in Agege.


At R-Jolad Express Clinic, our commitment to improving healthcare access is unwavering. The addition of these new spoke locations is a testament to our dedication to reaching more individuals and families with affordable and accessible quality medical services, right in their neighborhoods.

Located within bustling commercial hubs, our new clinics aim to meet the healthcare needs of residents and workers alike, providing convenient access to essential medical care. Whether it’s a routine check-up, urgent care, or essential consultation, R-Jolad Express Clinic stands ready to deliver prompt and compassionate healthcare services.

We understand the importance of community engagement and proactive healthcare outreach. That’s why, in conjunction with the opening of our new spoke locations, R-Jolad Express Clinic conducted a comprehensive free medical check outreach program across various streets, religious centers, and estates within the Agege and Ikeja axis.

This outreach initiative was designed not only to raise awareness of our new spoke locations but also to empower individuals with valuable health information and screenings. We are pleased to report that our efforts were met with overwhelming participation and gratitude from the community.


In total, our free medical check outreach program reached an impressive 14,189 individuals, demonstrating the significant impact of community-centered healthcare initiatives. Of those reached, 6,071 individuals received direct attention and care from our dedicated healthcare personnel, highlighting the importance of proactive healthcare engagement.

As we celebrate the launch of our new spoke locations, we remain steadfast in our mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all. Through innovative approaches and community partnerships, R-Jolad Express Clinic will continue to pave the way towards a healthier and more vibrant future for all.

Together, let’s build healthier communities, one clinic at a time.

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