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Empowering Healthcare Innovations: Octosoft Unveils Octodoc with a Thrilling Internal Campaign


At Octosoft, our commitment to fostering a vibrant, engaged staff community and cultivating brand evangelists within our ranks is unwavering. To this end, we recently launched an exhilarating internal campaign to promote our premier healthcare app, Octodoc, through an initiative we called the ‘Refer-and-Win’ promo.

The Campaign: ‘Refer-and-Win’

Designed to leverage the trusted power of word-of-mouth marketing, the ‘Refer-and-Win’ campaign aimed to expand Octodoc’s reach by encouraging our 700-member staff to refer the app to their friends and family. The goal was simple yet impactful: drive substantial downloads and sign-ups for Octodoc.

Incentives and Rewards

Understanding the importance of incentivizing participation, we offered 200 naira for each successful referral, defining success as both a download and a sign-up. To further fuel the competitive spirit, we also set aside a grand prize for the individual who demonstrated the most dedication and effort in promoting Octodoc.

Campaign Success and Impact

The results were astounding. In just four weeks, we achieved over 1,000 unique downloads and sign-ups, all thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of our staff. This remarkable achievement came at a fraction of the cost that would have been required to secure social media influencers for a similar outcome.

The campaign ignited a competitive spirit among our team members, with many devising creative strategies to lead the referral leaderboard. This not only boosted engagement but also reinforced a sense of community and shared purpose within our organization.

Looking Ahead

Buoyed by the success of this campaign, we anticipate even more downloads as we roll out additional creative campaigns to engage our staff throughout the year. By continuously empowering our team to become ambassadors for

our innovations, we are confident in our ability to drive forward the adoption of Octodoc and, ultimately, transform healthcare experiences for all.

Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives as we continue to innovate and inspire within our Octosoft community!

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