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2023 AfyA Care Executive Trainee Program


Afya Care has successfully concluded its third edition of the esteemed Executive Trainee Program. This comprehensive program, tailored to cultivate and nurture talented individuals with aspirations of becoming future leaders across industries, offered a unique combination of practical experience, mentorship, and professional growth opportunities. It served as an exceptional platform for launching a successful career. 

The program aimed to identify ambitious individuals who possess exceptional qualities and a passion for making a positive impact in the healthcare sector. Through a rigorous and immersive learning experience, participants gained the necessary skills, knowledge, and exposure to thrive in a dynamic industry. 

The trainees experienced a structured training curriculum, which encompassed rotations across various departments within the Afya Care group. This holistic approach provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s operations, spanning from patient care and administration to finance, marketing, and strategic planning. 

Additionally, each trainee received a personalized development plan outlining their learning objectives, goals, and career aspirations. This plan ensured that they received the necessary support to maximize their potential and excel in their respective areas of expertise.

Tiyeyosi Femi-Raji, Group Head of HR, expressed her satisfaction with the program’s outcomes. She highlighted the program’s competitive and rigorous nature, noting that out of over 500 applicants, only 25 were selected. Among those, only 15 were chosen to join different divisions of the business. “The Afya Care ET training program is truly exceptional,” she stated.

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