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Empowering Healthcare Innovations: Octosoft Unveils Octodoc with a Thrilling Internal Campaign

At Octosoft, our commitment to fostering a vibrant, engaged staff community and cultivating brand evangelists within our ranks is unwavering. To this end, we recently launched an exhilarating internal campaign to promote our premier healthcare app, Octodoc, through an initiative we called the ‘Refer-and-Win’ promo. The Campaign: ‘Refer-and-Win’ Designed to leverage the trusted power of […]

R-Jolad Launches a Wellness Facility in the Heart of Gbagada, Lagos.

R-Jolad Plus Multi-Specialist Hospital takes great pride in introducing its state-of-the-art wellness facility, an integral part of its preventive, recovery, and aftercare services.   The R-Jolad Plus Wellness Centre offers an unrivalled wellness experience, featuring advanced equipment and a highly skilled team of professionals proficient in conducting both basic and comprehensive complex wellness investigations. These […]